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Our Story

Artistic Pixels is a family-owned business, with a passion for design. Our motto is  ‘WHAT YOU LOVE, FOR WHO YOU LOVE’. The company was founded by Ariel and Erika (with the help of their three children) in combination with their creative design company Pixelwarps Inc. We are located in sunny South Florida with clients all across the United States.


Artistic Pixels was born from the desire to please our clients’ requests for unique apparel, merchandise, and gifts for their businesses, friends, and family. In late 2018, we decided to expand first into the apparel. We have had many opportunities to work with gaming companies, schools and many other organizations. Our favorite part of this business is when we can design our own artistic expressions, even more so when we can collaborate with other artists and creators. We’ve even included some of their talented children. 


All our designs are created, printed, packaged and shipped by us! Artistic Pixels is a division of Pixelwarps Inc., design studio in Miami, Florida in operation for more than 10 years running.

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